Husk :: Nashville

So I’m in Nashville for the weekend, just relaxing with my mom! She’s coming in town this afternoon so I was on my own for dinner last night. WOW! What an experience. I’m a frequent listener of the Bobby Bones Show and I remember once hearing Amy talk about this awesome place her and her husband went to in Nashville – Husk. So obviously I had to try it out. Since I was alone I opted to sit at the bar downstairs. Lucky for me the TV was turned on to football and the bartender was quite helpful – helping me make some tough decisions from the menu and cocktail list.

I decided on the following:

Drink – Bell Meade (basically a whiskey sour, hold the bitters add muddled mint leaves)

Starter – Beef Tartare

Main – Catfish with brussel sprouts

Dessert – I couldn’t help myself so I got a cookie plate togo

Here’s a little background info on Husk: Located in Rutledge Hill—just a few blocks south of Historic Broadway, in the heart of Downtown Nashville—is the newest outpost of the Neighborhood Dining Group and James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock’s restaurant, Husk. Led by Brock, the kitchen reinterprets the bounty of the surrounding area, exploring an ingredient-driven cuisine that begins in the rediscovery of heirloom products and redefines what it means to cook and eat in Nashville.

At Husk, there are some rules about what can go on the plate. “If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door,” says Brock. The resulting cuisine is not about rediscovering Southern cooking, but rather exploring the reality of Southern food. Seed-saving, heirloom husbandry, in-house pickling and charcuterie programs by the culinary team are the basis of Husk’s cuisine.

The amazing hold house that Husk resides in.

Husk 1

Husk 2
Aged Beef Tartare, Crispy Potato, Green Tomato, Barefoot Farmer’s Celery
NC Catfish, Brussel Sprouts, Chestnuts, Apple
NC Catfish, Brussel Sprouts, Chestnuts, Apple

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