Hostess with the Mostess

Being a host is hard. A lot of people would choose to forgo hosting things all together, but it can be so rewarding when you do. During the holidays I always have a giddy attitude, I’m excited for all the parties and of course I come up with the idea to host one! The idea of having all of your favorite people in same place at the same time is pretty great. So I always say, “Sign me up!”  After I order the cute invitations and send them out, then I remember there are a lot of moving parts to hosting a party, not to mention the costs that can add up very quickly. Here are my tips for hosting a flawless get together at your house.

  1. Decor – nothing over the top, but some simple candles, tablecloth, cute decorations can really make your party look professional. Affordable ideas include: balloons, tissue paper puffs, and banners.
  2. Food – My secret to food at my parties are 50% homemade 50% ordered food. First of all cooking everything can become very stressful, plus when I purchase a few amazing things it makes it look like I put forth A LOT of effort. I typically order cookies or cupcakes and chicken bites with dipping sauces. I like the make the things I know I’m good at, like a cheese board. It doesn’t take a lot of prep time and you just arrange everything on a board to make it look amazing. Another easy thing to make is an antipasto salad (see pic below). It’s beautiful and super simple. Don’t forget to label your food! This way people don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking you what something is or be nervous to eat due to food allergies.
  3. Alcohol – Maybe this should have been #1… but alcohol is key, especially a variety. I always have a wide variety of wine, and for special parties I set up the bar cart with vodka, gin, whiskey, etc. This way people to make their own drinks and I don’t have the pressure of making a “specialty cocktail.”

See how our 2015 Holiday Party turned out!

Cheese board, super simple!
Antipasto Salad – yes we made this!!
Ordered the chicken bites, notice the tablecloth, flowers and reindeer candle!
Ordered cookies, loved all the festive shapes and decorations!
There we are! #hosting

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